Remediation Technology Summit

Graham Smith
Graham Smith

Principal Environmental Scientist, Contaminated Land Management
WSP Australia


Predictive Soil Vapor Assessment

Redevelopment of brownfield sites often involves a delicate balance regarding potential vapor risks under future commercial/industrial scenarios. Too much mitigation adds to cost, too little increases the potential vapor intrusion risk. In this investigation, several years of accumulated soil and groundwater data were used to predict locations with elevated vapor intrusion potential for field verification. The resultant predictive tool was used to refine areas needing treatment and/or vapor management, achieving considerable cost savings to the client. Results from this investigation indicate site specific calibration of vapor guidance can be very cost effective in fine tuning locations with realisable vapor intrusion risk compared with broader application of treatments or mitigation measure to achieve standard guidance criteria that might never materialise. Application of the predictive soil vapor assessment tool significantly benefited plans for redevelopment of the site and assisted in strategic implementation of targeted treatment and/or management approaches.

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