Remediation Technology Summit

Francis Boodoo
Francis Boodoo

Director of Applied Technologies
Purolite Corporation

Mr. Francis Boodoo is the Director of Applied Technologies at the Purolite Corporation. He is the holder of a bachelor in chemical engineering and a master in business administration from Colorado State University. He has over 35 years of expertise in the remediation of potable and groundwater, using ion exchange resin and adsorbent technologies for select removal of contaminants such as perchlorate, nitrate, arsenic, chromium, and uranium. His experience with poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) includes the development, testing, process design and operation of highly selective ion exchange resins for reducing PFASs in water to non-detect levels. Mr. Boodoo is the holder of 4 water treatment related patents and currently provides training and support for the company’s global sales force.


The Latest in Field Proven PFAS Treatment Technology

The Water & Environmental Technology Center is an Industry-University Cooperative Research Center under the NSF.  The Center conducts research on emerging contaminants involving detection, analytical procedures, fate/transport and treatment.  Research is directed by an Industrial Advisory Board whose members can commercialize research results. A PFAS treatment technology developed at the WET Center utilizing  selective  ion exchange resin is now  commercialized following  successful piloting.  The technology removed both long and short chain PFAS (PFOS, PFOA, PFBS, PFHxS, PFHxA, PFHpA, PFNA) to non-detectable levels.    Field piloting  compared (1) GAC only, (2) ion exchange only, and (3)ion exchange as a polisher to  GAC. This presentation will display the treatment trains, performance data, contact times, breakthrough capacities, and cost data.  The cost data shows comparisons of ion exchange with GAC treatment for capital, operating, and total costs.  The PFAS loaded ion exchange media can be incinerated at high temperature to completely eliminate the PFAS.

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