Remediation Technology Summit

Eliot Cooper
Eliot Cooper

Director Technical Services
Cascade Environmental

Eliot was also instrumental in developing the “Guidelines for Subsurface Injection of In-situ Remediation Reagents published by the Los Angeles Water Quality Board. Eliot is currently on the ITRC Injection Optimization Team looking at how to improve overall in situ injection performance.  Eliot has worked on in large scale  remediation injection projects supporting consultants in both the public and private sectors.   Eliot brings a wealth of delivery and distribution knowledge to Cascade’s clients and is  a valuable resource for design support of their remediation solutions.    Eliot is a graduate of the University of Illinois with a Masters in Civil Engineering.


State of the Practice for Innovative and Optimized Delivery Methods for Liquid and Solid Amendments in a Variety of Lithologies

What I will be talking about:  

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