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Dan Griffiths
Dan Griffiths

Groundwater Restoration Technical Director

Mr. Griffiths brings a geological sciences education and extensive experience to a wide variety of projects. His primary areas of expertise include rapid site characterization using real-time data collection methods and design and implementation of end point focused natural attenuation and in-situ technology based solutions. He is a contributing author on in-situ remediation guidance prepared by Parsons for the Air Force and Environmental Security Technology Certification Program and he is an active participant on ITRC teams focused on emerging contaminants. He is the Parsons Practice Lead for groundwater restoration and a Technical Director for investigation, remedy selection, design, and implementation.


Performance and Refresh of a Full Scale Biowall System; A Lines of Evidence Approach to Identifying System Depletion and Lessons Learned

Remedy was implemented at the Seneca Ash Landfill with source excavation and installation of a ZVI PRB at the TCE plume toe. After the ZVI PRB was installed the TCE plume was assessed to predict plume longevity and required ZVI PRB lifespan. The predicted plume lifespan was too long and additional solutions were needed. Bark mulch PRBs was selected to enhance groundwater restoration and 2,840 feet of bark mulch PRBs were installed in 2006. After 10 years of successful performance, the biowalls were reaching depletion and remedy performance was declining. In 2017, the biowalls were refreshed to extend remedy performance. Biowall depletion was identified through a lines of evidence approach consisting of statistical analysis of geochemical and VOC trends. This approach is applicable to any enhanced bioremediation application to identify the need for refresh. Biowall performance data, refresh lessons learned, and the depletion lines of evidence approach will be presented.

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