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Carlos Ortiz
Carlos Ortiz

South Central District Manager

Mr. Ortiz has over 17 years of experience in the environmental field providing leadership and technical expertise in the areas of site assessment, environmental research and records review, site investigation, data evaluation, environmental risk evaluation, geological and hydrogeological analysis, soil and groundwater remedial planning, implementation, and project management. Mr. Ortiz provides technical sales support for a suite of soil and groundwater remediation technologies, vapor intrusion mitigation technologies and remediation services. Mr. Ortiz collaborates closely with clients by offering design, application and performance review services for in situ-applied groundwater and soil remedial strategies across a broad spectrum of technology classes.


Use of Liquid Activated Carbon™ Technology for a Barrier Application in Place of a Conventional P&T Hydraulic Control and ERD Remedies with Modeling Results at a Large Chlorinated Plume in Texas

Liquid Activated Carbon™ (LAC), has been used in a barrier application to secure rapid groundwater contaminant reduction via partitioning out of the aqueous phase in a bedrock aquifer in Texas. Numerous private water wells have dispersed the solute plume throughout the site, so arresting plume migration utilizing LAC was implemented as an in situ remedy instead of groundwater extraction for hydraulic control. LAC provides a low-cost, long-term performance monitoring solution by reducing rigorous sampling requirements associated with typical ERD technologies, while providing an alternative to prevent biofouling impacts to the downgradient potable wells. Prior to the barrier application, a high-resolution site characterization was completed to guarantee product delivery into the bedrock aquifer and ensure performance. Additionally, field calibration testing was conducted to confirm the injection porosity and optimize the injection rates necessary to achieve the required ROI for optimal product placement in the sandstone bedrock unit.

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