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Camille Carter
Camille Carter

Senior Geologist
GEI Consultants

Camille Carter is a geologist with over 10 years of experience in NAPL remediation. She specializes in risk-based LNAPL management, including LNAPL analysis, site conceptual models, transmissivity, 3D modeling, and regulatory strategy. At GEI, Camille manages complex projects and performs technical data analysis for NAPL remediation sites. Her skills are well-suited to support remediation efforts at sites with complex data history. She is highly analytical and regularly leads large data efforts for 3D modeling, reporting, visualization, and strategic planning.


Using a 3D Model to Identify Offsite LNAPL Sources and Migration Pathways: An LCSM Case Study

A 3D model is an important tool to develop a light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) conceptual site model (LCSM). We will present a case study of a petroleum terminal with a complex history of LNAPL impacts. The initial LCSM did not provide a clear understanding of the impacts. A 3D model was built with aggregated high- and low-resolution site data. The model proved to be critical in understanding the relationships between the LCSM data. Lines of evidence included in the model were PID readings, total petroleum hydrocarbons measured in soil, dissolved phase concentrations, and high-resolution total fluorescence and cone penetrometer testing (CPT) soil behavior type. Other elements comprising the model included the water table elevation, property boundaries, aerial photography, and current well locations and screened intervals. The model allowed the LNAPL impacts source and migration pathways to be clearly identified and robustly understood, which the initial LCSM did not provide.

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