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Amy Arnold

Product Engineer

Amy Arnold has a BS in Chemistry from Le Moyne College and a MS in Chemistry from Syracuse University. She started at INFICON in 2007, and has been working with GC and GC/MS products in Applications and Product Management capacities ever since. She enjoys being on her company's corporate crew team, and wrangling her two children (most of the time).  More information about INFICON can be found at


Case Study: Continuous Monitoring for Vapor Intrusion of TCE and PCE

In the 1980s, groundwater and soil contamination was found in Silicon Valley, California, caused by leaking underground industrial storage tanks. This groundwater is understood to have contained the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) trichloroethene (TCE) and tetrachloroethene (PCE), which are both known carcinogens.  In this case study, TCE and PCE are analyzed on CMS5000, an autonomous online purge and trap GC/MAID (Micro Argon Ionization Detector) instrument configured for air monitoring, over a three-month-period.  Concerns over employees’ health had led to the request to continuously monitoring these sites for TCE and PCE, with the detection ability of this unit down to 0.5 part-per-biillion-per-volume (ppbv).   In general, continuously monitoring for TCE and PCE in areas of concern at high sensitivity is an effective way to alleviate fears of an unhealthy working environment.  This case study shows that it is possible to achieve actionable analytical results using an autonomous purge and trap GC system.

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