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Taryn McKnight
Taryn McKnight

Scientific Officer and PFAS Practice Leader
Eurofins Environment Testing America

Taryn McKnight, PFAS Practice Leader for Eurofins Environment Testing America based in Sacramento, California, has nearly 20 years of experience in the environmental testing industry specializing in PFAS and Vapor Intrusion assessments. She is responsible for providing technical guidance to clients, agencies and industry personnel across the country. With 20 years invested in PFAS method development and analysis, Eurofins has demonstrated leadership in this field of testing, supporting an analytical approach that provides consistent and defensible data in a world that lacks standardization for PFAS methodologies.


Commercial Availability of EPA-Approved and Non-Standard PFAS Analytical Methods

Taryn McKnight (Eurofins Environment Testing America, West Sacramento, California, United States)

The chemistry of PFAS is unique and challenging. There is currently no consensus best method for all environmental matrices but a multitude of varying approaches. This soup of non-validated methods and specialty analytical techniques has left stakeholders with the challenging job of navigating their options and making the right choice for their project objectives.

Current analytical methodologies measure a discrete list of 40 PFAS compounds on average. Many additional PFAS are not determined as discrete compounds by existing commercial methods, therefore we may be underestimating the PFAS mass present in the environment. As the investigation and treatment of sites contaminated with PFAS matures, there is a growing interest in determining the contributions of different sources to the overall contamination and understanding the true mass of PFAS present.

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