Remediation Technology Summit

Stephen Richardson
Stephen Richardson

Principal Engineer
GSI Environmental Inc.

Dr. Richardson is a Principal Engineer with GSI with 15 years of experience in soil and groundwater remediation, environmental site investigation, engineering design, and research and development. He specializes in the application of innovative strategies to treat recalcitrant compounds in soil, groundwater, and surface water at a range of contaminated sites, including former manufactured gas plants, munitions facilities, gas stations, and oil/gas refineries. Dr. Richardson currently serves as co-PI for DoD-sponsored research projects on treatment of chlorinated solvents in low permeable zones, anaerobic bioremediation of chlorinated solvent DNAPL, cometabolic biodegradation of 1,4-Dioxane, and plasma treatment of PFASs.


New Application of a Geotechnical Technology to Remediate Low-Permeability Contaminated Media

A critical challenge preventing many chlorinated solvent sites from reaching groundwater cleanup goals is the persistent release of residual contaminants from low permeability (low-k) clays and silts. To address this challenge, this project aims to demonstrate an innovative application (or “repurposing”) of a widely-used geotechnical technology, the “Grout Bomber”, to improve delivery of remedial amendments at sites with contaminants trapped in low-k zones. Specific objectives include demonstrating that:

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