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Michael Healey
Michael Healey,

Treatability and SP3™ Services Coordinator

Michael is the Treatability and Passive Sampling Services Supervisor at SiREM with eight years of experience. Michael has managed and conducted numerous bench-scale studies evaluating remediation technologies for contaminants including chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, emerging contaminants and other recalcitrant compounds in soil, sediment, and groundwater. Michael has several years of passive sampling experience and was a lead member in the development and commercialization of the SP3™ sampler.


Bench Scale Studies: Lessons Learned for Informing Field Demonstrations

By Michael Healey, Sandra Dworatzek, Phil Dennis and Jeff Roberts

Bioremediation is increasingly evaluated and applied at sites where there are many challenges to achieving remediation success. It is important to understand the types of challenges encountered and potential solutions prior to field implementation, in many cases, bench-scale treatability testing has proven invaluable in identifying the conditions compatible with bioremediation success or alternatively where bioremediation is unlikely to succeed. A growing body of knowledge from both laboratory treatability testing and field applications provides insights into opportunities for successful bioremediation at field sites.

This presentation will provide examples of bench-scale treatability tests that were conducted prior to field implementation and discuss the lessons learned and project outcomes.

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