Remediation Technology Summit

Mette M. Broholm
Mette M. Broholm

Associate Professor
DTU Environment, Technical University of Denmark

Mette Martina Broholm is an Associate Professor in soil and groundwater contamination and remediation. She has over 25 years of experience research and consulting in addition to a PhD in Environmental Technology MSc in Chemical Engineering.

Performance Assessment of Liquid Activated Carbon Enhanced Bioremediation of a TCE Plume by Use of Isotopic and Molecular Biology Techniques

Chlorinated solvent plumes continue to pose challenge. Enhanced reductive dechlorination (ERD) by donor addition and bioaugmentation constitute a potential sustainable technology. A novel technology combining ERD with liquid activated carbon (LAC) amendment has the potential to introduce a bioactive zone with increased degradation. Documentation and quantification of biodegradation is challenged by the combined sorption and degradation. At a TCE plume undergoing LAC amended bioremediation, compound specific isotope analysis (CSIA) for documentation and rate determination, and molecular biology tools (MBT) for determination of specific chloroethenes degraders and their genes are applied to water and sediment. A laboratory treatability experiment is carried out to support the field data evaluation. The challenges in evaluation of the new remediation technology and in applying CSIA and MBT and the lessons learned will be discussed. The attendees will benefit by research insights in the new technology and CSIA and MBT assessment.

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