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Jim Perlow
Jim Perlow

Business Development Manager

Mr. Perlow has spent the last two years living in Australia installing, starting up and operating the world’s first PFAS remediation system utilizing regenerable ion exchange resin. While in Australia he participated in building 9 PFAS remediation systems. Since returning to the United States, he was been working to help educate and evaluate sites for clients with PFAS impacts. Prior to living in Australia, Jim worked as professional environmental engineer and professional geologist for 18 years in the environmental consultant and wastewater sectors.


Successful Pilot Test for Treating and Recycling Fire School Simulator Water

Historical fire training activities used aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) containing per and poly fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). These activities contaminated infrastructure, including open?air evaporation ponds for wastewater generated during fire training. The most significant challenge involves the removal of non-PFAS constituents, especially the foam-forming chemicals, foam boosters and biodegradable organic compounds. ECT2 was able to test in a lab various treatment technology capable of removing the contaminants of concern, namely PFAS, surfactants, dissolved organic carbon (DOC), biodegradable organic carbon, total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH), oil, grease and inorganic contaminants such as iron and suspended solids. The technologies evaluated included foam fractionation, dissolved air flotation, ozonation, activated persulfate oxidation, coagulation/flocculation/sedimentation, back-washable granular activated carbon (GAC), ion exchange resin, membrane filtration and chlorine disinfection. Numerous tests were required to develop the most effective, and cost effective, combination of treatment technologies. This presentation will discuss the benefits and concerns with each technology.

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