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James Henderson
James Henderson

Project Director
Corteva Agriscience

James Henderson works as Project Director at Corteva Agriscience, being responsible for research and remediation projects on company sites in Latin America. In addition, he is the President of the Industrial Sector at NICOLE Latin America, having been one of the founders of the network in 2013. He holds a master’s degree in Environmental Sciences from California State University and a Ph.D in Environmental Engineering and Science from Clemson University.


Compression of the Remediation Space-Time Continuum: A Sustainability Story from Brazil

Balancing project schedules, costs and sustainability KPIs are often constrained by our personal experiences and bias, and by the accepted norms defined in traditional project structures. Here we present a case study from Brazil that will explore efficiencies to reduce the time continuum of the remediation process. An analog based on the Agile vs. Waterfall method of software development, in which new software is developed in phases that occur in parallel, instead of linear sequencing, will be adapted to remediation, against a backdrop of sustainability and technical innovations: a. Site hydraulic isolation via perimeter wells connected by syphons; b. Development of the Site Conceptual Model after site isolation; and, c. Secondary source remediation via low-cost, low energy techniques. Sustainability aspirations and goals include no net degradation of the environment, and strong social and economic benefits derived from remediation. The project team hopes to reduce the remediation time continuum from the tens of years to just two or three.

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