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Eric Suuberg
Eric Suuberg,

Professor of Engineering
Brown University

Prof. Suuberg was a co-founder of Brown University’s program in chemical engineering as well as its masters degree Program in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (PRIME). Most recently, he is participating in starting up Brown’s new Sc.B. program in Environmental Engineering. Administratively he has served as an Associate Dean of Faculty of Brown University, and as Associate Director of the Brown Superfund Research Program. A registered professional engineer, he is an active consultant on problems related to environmental pollution and its causes. His recent research has focused on using engineering computational tools for better understanding vapor intrusion and on the physical properties of pollutant species including polycyclic aromatics and per- and poly-fluoroalkylated substances (PFAS). He is a Fellow of the American Chemical Society and a principal editor of the international journal Fuel.


Three-Dimensional Numerical Model of Vapor Intrusion for Design of Subslab Depressurization Systems

This presentation will briefly review the use of advanced computational models in the field of vapor intrusion investigation. There is now acceptance of models as one of multiple lines of evidence in assessing vapor intrusion cases. The use of such models can ensure and provide more confidence that proposed conceptual site models are truly capturing the essential details of sites. Once this is in hand, then it is logical to look to the models as a tool that can help in design of mitigation systems, such as subslab depressurization (SSD). This presentation will show some examples of the kinds of conclusions that can be drawn about some common types of designs, using such modeling tools.

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