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Eliot Cooper
Eliot Cooper

Vice President of Technology and Business Development

Eliot Cooper is the Vice President of Technology and Business Development. In this role, he helps clients design efficient and cost-effective remedies using high resolution site characterization (HRSC) and a vast array of remediation options. His specialty is finding the right combination of tools and technologies for complex sites, and ensuring every step of the remediation process is optimized to achieve results.

Eliot draws on a career that spans more than 30 years in the environmental remediation industry and includes hundreds of projects nationwide. He’s remediated sites that involved hex chrome, fuel spills, and chlorinated solvents. He specializes in injected remedy delivery, remediation design support, characterization of VOCs, and tackling complex sites by combining multiple remediation technologies.

Eliot previously served at the Environmental Protection Agency in both air pollution and hazardous waste management programs, as well as in the private sector providing thermal combustion and in situ remediation field services. Eliot now leads Cascade's in situ remediation solutions team to evaluate available technologies to meet client goals, provide advanced delivery techniques, and ensure HRSC results in actionable solutions.


Integration of High Resolution Site Characterization Direct Sensing Tools to Set Realistic Remediation Expectations

Complex sites often require multiple data streams to gain a better understanding of the subsurface distribution of contaminates and the heterogeneities that often control migration. Multiple ways to combine direct sensing tools have been engineered, so that these data streams are collected in a single push at the same location. We will focus on the use of two tools introduced above. Including:

Cascade will present the engineering design process for these tools, and the application and limitations of their use. We have utilized these tools on several sites and worked through the challenges of combining specific technologies. We will present several data sets of combined tools and how they were applied at specific sites.

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