Remediation Technology Summit

Steffen Griepke Nielsen
Steffen Griepke Nielsen

Technical Director & Manager, Technology Team
Cascade Thermal

Mr. Nielsen is the Technical Director and manager of the Technology Team at Cascade Thermal. He holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering from University of Aalborg in Denmark and has been a member of Cascade Thermal’s team since 2008. Mr. Nielsen leads up data management efforts and develops tools and systems that allow real-time client access to data during operations of thermal projects. Mr. Nielsen is also involved in the front end designs and site evaluations and is responsible for the subsurface designs, including designs for the numerical steam and TCH modeling conducted in the early design phase of the thermal projects.

How to Choose ISTR Method When You Have Them All?

Thermal treatment is a specialty service, and most vendors have developed just one technology. However, sites are complex and different, and each one may require a unique thermal technology, or combination of technologies. This presentation focuses on site characteristics that should dictate the choice of heating technology - providing guidance and generalizations. Optimal fit is critical for getting good remedial results. The author bases these observations from work at 75 ISTR sites, involving ERH, TCH, SEE and combination of the above.

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