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Javier Santillan
Javier Santillan

Sr. Principal Environmental Engineer

Involved in environmental related issues since 1985. Originally worked with the Air Force (AF) in Tucson AZ (1985 -1990) supporting Davis Monthan AFB. As director of an Environmental Laboratory, we analyzed samples for Davis Monthan . Since 1991, I have been providing support to the AF Center for Engineering and The Environment (AFCEE) as Environmental Consultant in various capacities including as Environmental Scientist, Environmental Engineer, and in 2011 retired as Subject Matter Expert - General Engineer. Currently, as part of the Noblis staff, continue providing assistance to the AF Civil Engineering Center resolve complex environmental site issues.


Remedial Action Performance Assessment

Project managers and regulators associated with complex environmental sites need a process to quickly synthesize large datasets to help inform decision making. Noblis process—Remedial-Action Performance Assessment Through Statistical Analysis— assists in querying environmental databases to accelerate understanding of contaminated site conditions, select achievable remedial objectives, select the appropriate technology or technology train, and facilitate effective performance oversight. Successfully implemented at >1,000 sites, the process support decision makers address complex environmental site issues with the following four tools: 1. Triage Analysis (tA) module—validates and statistically analyzes data to identify attenuation rates and estimated cleanup dates and to track contractor performance against cleanup goals. 2. Enhanced Analysis (eA)—geographic information system (GIS)-based tool that identifies an indicator of mass discharge from the contaminant source location(s) to evaluate the degree of source control at the site. 3. Technology Matrix (TM)—uses existing site conditions to identify the most appropriate cleanup technology. 4. Remedial Action Sequencing Tool (RAST)—identifies compatible technologies

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