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Platform Presenters - Craig Divine
Craig Divine

Principal Hydrogeologist

Craig E. Divine, PhD, PG, is a Technical Expert and Vice President at Arcadis with more than 20 years of experience remediating soil and groundwater, with particular expertise utilizing in situ technologies. He holds a B.S. in Biology (Wheaton College), an M.S. in Watershed Science (Colorado State University), and a Ph.D. in Geochemistry/Hydrogeology (Colorado School of Mines).



The Horizontal Reactive Media Treatment Well (HRX Wel®) - Demonstration of a New Technology for Passive In-Situ Remediation

A new in-situ remediation concept termed a Horizontal Reactive Media Treatment Well (HRX Well) is presented that utilizes horizontal wells filled with reactive media to passively treat contaminated groundwater in-situ.  The approach involves the use of large-diameter directionally-drilled horizontal wells filled with solid reactive media generally installed parallel to the direction of groundwater flow.  The design leverages natural “flow-focusing” behavior induced by the engineered contrast in hydraulic conductivity between the high in-well reactive media and the ambient aquifer hydraulic conductivity to passively capture and treat proportionally large volumes of groundwater within the well. Clean groundwater then exits the horizontal well along its down-gradient sections. Many different types of solid reactive media are already available (ZVI, GAC, ion exchange resins, zeolite, apatite, chitin); therefore, this concept could be used to address a wide range of contaminants. Modeling, pilot, and field test results will be presented.


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