Remediation Technology Summit

Michael Lamar
Michael Lamar

Environmental Engineer
CDM Smith

Mike Lamar is an environmental engineer with over 15 years of experience in groundwater remediation. He often works with innovative technologies to treat contaminants that are difficult to remediate, including mixed waste, low permeability, source zones, and fractured bedrock. Recently, mike has been working outside of the U.S. to introduce these innovative technologies in Japan, Greece, and Brazil.

Sustained In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) of 1,4-Dioxane Using Slow Release Chemical Oxidant Cylinders

Slow-release oxidant cylinders are an excellent fit for large, dilute dioxane plumes because the slow-release feature is compatible with low dioxane reaction rates to be implemented in situ. An ESTCP demonstration (ER-201324) was recently completed with a primary objective to demonstrate use of slow-release chemical oxidant cylinders to treat large dilute plumes of dioxane and chlorinated VOCs in situ.

Results demonstrated that dioxane and chlorinated VOCs were destroyed by more than 90% in areas where persulfate was delivered. Increases in sulfate and oxidation-reduction potential and decreases in pH correlated to destruction of contaminants. Although excellent destruction was observed in deeper zones, density effects of the persulfate caused it to primarily sink in the slow-moving aquifer and reduced the effectiveness in the shallower zones. Cost comparisons also show that use of oxidant cylinders in a PRB or F&G can be more cost-effective than P&T with AOP.

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