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gray boxLinda Figueroa
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineer
Colorado School of Mines

Environmental engineers play an important role in society in addressing issues of sustainable development and complex/interdisciplinary problems. Environmental engineers needs to have the knowledge and experience required to facilitate engineering solutions to the environmental interplay between food, energy, water within a sustainable community context. Linda Figueroa has a broad range of experiences that she brings to address environmental issues that include design and analysis of water and wastewater treatment systems, application of molecular microbiology tools to nitrogen transformations and the biogeochemistry of metal and radionuclide immobilization. Linda’s research is driven by microbial solutions to environmental issues with the recognition of the need to minimize energy requirements and thus the carbon footprint of the solution. Her approach is to partner with industry and government agencies to ensure that we are producing solutions that will be accepted and implemented. Linda’s passion is in the linkage of fundamental microbial processes with geochemistry and modeling to create solutions of the future.


Electrochemical Recovery of Metals from Hard Rock Mine Drainage


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