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Niall Ramsden
Niall Ramsden

Project Coordinator ,

Niall has worked globally in high hazard Fire Hazard Management sectors including Oil, Petrochemical, Aviation and Power Generation as an independent consultant for more than 35 years. Prior to that he worked with firefighting foam producers in USA and Europe in testing, research and engineering roles.

He has provided training in firefighting foam procurement, usage and ongoing assurance internationally and he acted as a specialist adviser during extended periods of the foam attack at the Buncefield Fuel Terminal Fire, Europe’s largest storage tank related incident and in the post-incident response reviews.

Niall sits on the NFPA (USA) and EN (European) Foam Systems standards committees and has recently been appointed to the Underwriters Laboratories Foam Standards Steering Panel.

He is Project Coordinator of the LASTFIRE Project, an international industry group reviewing the risks associated with storage tank fires. In this role he has directed extensive small and large scale test programmes of fire performance of new generation C6 fluorosurfactant and Fluorine Free foams for spill and tank fire application. The group has also produced a “Cradle to Grave” Foam Assurance Guidance Note.

Panel Discussion: Effectiveness and Environmental Safety of AFFF Replacements


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