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Mark Strynar
Mark Strynar,

Physical Scientist ,

I am a Physical Scientist in the Office of Research and Development of the U.S, Environmental Protection Agency in Research Triangle Park, NC since 2002. My research interests include the use of high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) to investigate the fate and transport of per and poly fluorinated compounds (PFAS) and other xenobiotic compounds in biological and environmental media. Novel compound discovery is at the forefront of decision making about risk, exposure and remediation. Discovering the previously undiscovered chemicals out there makes my job interesting and exciting and at the same time difficult and challenging. It is the charge of my Agency “to protect human health and the environment” which I take personally. I am a scientist at the core, and I am excited about solving the next problem, or what is around the next corner in my studies. I get to collaborate with many academic and government scientists in my work, and always look forward to the next new idea. I try my best to help promote and mentor the next generation of scientist I interact with while still learning something myself from each new opportunity.

Panel Discussion: Site-Specific PFAS Risk Assessments: Research Gaps and State of the Practice


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