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Lydia Dorrance
Dr. Lydia Dorrance,

Senior Scientist,
Geosyntec Consultants

Dr. Dorrance is an environmental scientist specializing in contaminant chemistry, environmental forensics, and litigation support. In addition to her academic background in geochemistry, she has over ten years of consulting experience implementing site investigations, managing environmental data, coordinating projects, and providing technical support to counsel. Dr. Dorrance applies her expertise in geochemical analyses and environmental forensic techniques to addressing contamination at large CERCLA sites and smaller properties impacted by contaminants including VOCs, metals, PCBs, and PFAS. She has supported multiple clients with environmental liabilities stemming from large-scale contaminated sediment sites (so-called sediment “mega-sites”), where forensics can play a key role in allocation of cleanup costs among responsible parties. Dr. Dorrance also has experience investigating ways to forensically identify sources of PFAS contamination to the environment. Dr. Dorrance has presented at conferences nationwide on topics related to her practice, including recent litigation surrounding PFAS and potential forensic tools for managing PFAS liabilities.

PFAS Analytical Challenges and Opportunities


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