Remediation Technology Summit

Bob Luhrs

Sr. Manager Corporate Environmental, Health and Safety
Raytheon Company

Bob Luhrs has managed remediation liabilities with Raytheon for more than 20 yrs. In this position he has company-wide responsibility for subsurface investigation and remediation projects; performing environmental due diligence for mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and real estate transfers; supporting environmental litigation; and coordinating compilation of environmental liabilities in accordance with SEC standards. Mr. Luhrs is a Certified Professional Geologist, a Licensed Site Professional in MA, and is licensed and/or registered as a geologist in several states. He has taught courses for Bentley College, Umass Lowell, and for the NGWA.


“FIRE IN THE HOLE” Induced Secondary Permeability of a Low K Formation: What a Blast!

Remediating contamination located in low permeability formations has been a challenge, if not an insurmountable obstacle, for many project teams. The Austin Chalk is one such formation, with new wells taking as much as 6-9 months to recharge back to static water level after installation. In response to a shortened project schedule due to impending redevelopment, alternative and innovative options were explored to expedite remedial actions. The team took two approaches including, hydro fracking and using 198 focused explosive charges. This presentation will discuss the results of each method used, but will focus primarily on the considerations and results of the blasting method. Lessons learned/observations from this project range from types and amounts of charges, grid spacing, appropriate density of water-level measurements, changes to the vadose zone, and impacts to formation permeability. This presentation will address the data collected, lessons learned, program impacts and cost implications.

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