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Brent Stafford
Brent Stafford, PhD

Senior Environmental Engineer
Shell Global Solutions (US) Inc.

Brent Stafford, PhD. is a Senior Environmental Engineer with Shell. Brent’s primary responsibilities with Shell include risk assessment of emerging contaminants, alternative fuels and fuel components and implementation of corresponding strategies, controls, and policies for effective soil and groundwater risk management. Brent’s research is focused on the fate and transport of conventional and alternative fuels, industrial products, and their metabolites. This includes source zone distributions/geometry and dissolution and degradation effects on source zone composition and longevity. Externally, Brent is active in the API Soil and Groundwater Technical Group, the Sediment Management Working Group, and several industry/regulator/academic teams. Brent’s academic background includes advanced degrees and study in environmental and civil engineering, geology, ecology and ecotoxicology.



LNAPL and DNAPL Source Zone Characterization and Remediation

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